Does any of this sound familiar?

You are -

  • Not having the impact you desire

  • Tired of watching less qualified/experienced colleagues pass you by

  • Put off by that 80’s version of networking that reminds you of the proverbial used car salesman

  • Time poor as you work harder and harder (work/home/everywhere between)

  • At a loss how to go about networking even if you did decide to give it a go

  • All of the above

If so, the Network to Amplify V.AL.U.E Program can help

In this program, you’ll become a skilled relationship builder who creates and nurtures relationships based on generosity and reciprocity.

You'll focus on defining a type of relationship building that aligns with your personality, goals and values so that you can amplify your value and that of others as you contribute even more and have the impact you desire.

Your Program

    1. Module 2 Downloads - Your Why/Why Not, The 3R Reframe Plan Worksheets

    2. Module 2 - Welcome and Agenda

    3. Lesson 1 - Assessing The Importance of Networking For You + Your Networking Practice Self-Assessment

    4. Lesson 2 - Your Why/Why Not

    5. Lesson 3 - Your Reframe

    6. Module 2 Summary - Going Further

    1. Module 3 Downloads - Networking Audit, Your BCD Review, Who Else Worksheets

    2. Module 3 - Welcome and Agenda

    3. Lesson 1 - Networking Audit

    4. Lesson 2 - Network Review

    5. Module 3 Summary - Going Further

    1. Module 4 Download - My Networking Preferences Worksheet

    2. Module 4 - Welcome and Agenda

    3. Lesson 1 - 5 Networking Strategies to Get You Started

    4. Lesson 2 - Prioritize and Commit

    5. Live (virtual) Networking Gathering Event Details

    6. Module 4 Summary - Going Further

    1. Module 5 Download - My Success Checklist Worksheet

    2. Module 5 - Welcome and Agenda

    3. Lesson 1 - The Power of Preparation + Preparation Self-Assessment

    4. Lesson 2 - Preparing Your Practice For Success

    5. Lesson 3 - Preparing Your Success Checklist

    6. Module 5 Summary - Going Further

About this course

  • 6 Core Modules
  • Guided Exercises
  • 2 Live Online Network Gatherings

What else can you expect?

Your Customized Support

  • Signature Curriculum

    accessible on any device so you can learn how to Network to Amplify V. A. L. U. E in a way that aligns with your values and creates more value for others

  • Live Virtual Group Coaching

    2 live 1-hour group coaching and networking sessions via zoom so you can practice the skills and strategies you learn in a safe space

  • Exercises, Checklists, Templates

    access to proprietary checklists, guides, and worksheets to apply your learning as you practice

  • Personal Support

    personal support via text messaging/email throughout your Network to Amplify V.A.L.U.E Program

  • Community

    invitation to join our post-program Support Circle Community

By the end of the program you will leave with

  • A bigger circle of support to help you achieve more and have the impact you desire

  • Concrete ways to connect that align with your personality, goals, and values, and consider your time and energy available

  • More comfort and ease reaching out to others

  • Networking tools to help you work smarter not harder

  • A strong and compelling personal introduction

Meet Your Instructor and Coach

Hi, I am Palena Neale, Founder and Managing Director of unabridged leadership

I've been educator all my life. I made my entry into professional life as a corporate trainer, completed PhD research, and served as an Organizational Development practitioner for over 20 years in global health organizations to improve individual, team and organization performance.

As an International Coaching Federation accredited PCC-certified coach, I have worked across the globe and in different industries with hundreds of women who find themselves stuck at a certain point/level in their career, through over-reliance on their technical skills and an under-reliance on the importance of visibility and networking.

I designed Network to Amplify V.A.L.U.E to provide women an opportunity to build and leverage relations in a way that aligns with their personality, goals and values to achieve, accomplish and contribute more, and have the impact they desire.

Here's what others have said...

  • Kelly Cuesta, Global Internal Communications Manager Ingram Micro Cloud

    “I was impressed by her diligent approach, alongside her natural warmth. Her program, focus on visibility and networking for women, was really well received and got a positive feedback from our associates. Palena played a key role in reinvigorating our women in cloud pillar at Ingram Micro by delivering 2 workshops for our global internal audience. What I liked most about her approach was the level of rigor and authenticity she brought. With considerable emotional intelligence, she encourage the audience to engage, participate and feedback openly which always makes for a more stimulating learning environment. The benefit to attendees was obvious from their comments on the day."

  • Vanessa Coulomb, Director of Country Programs, The Palladium Group

    “Palena is a wonderful coach and trainer. I significantly benefited from her leadership and guidance as a coach – a keen listener, she creates reflection, raising insight and self awareness. Very supportive, she motivated me to be a better leader, to increase my visibility despite my discomfort, and to take my career and leadership skills to the next level. I am so grateful for her workshops which are carefully designed to provide practical tips and tools, while also boosting motivation.”

Connect to create -

and amplify value - for you, and others!